Mind Power Matters

Learn how the mind works and the impact it has on productivity and decision making. Session has practical techniques to create states of mind for peak performance and enhance skills to navigate through challenges.

Impact: Better understanding of mind power and its impact on us.

Benefit: One can learn how to use mind power to full potential.

Work life Harmony

This session takes a deep look at where Balance lies both professionally and personally. We explore components required to have healthy and harmonious life.

Impact: Opens the mind to explore aspects of life which help us to be more present and look into quality over quantity.

Benefit: Crystallized thought process and clear understanding of our priorities allows us to live a more effective, purposeful and happy life.

Emotional Wellness

Exercises in session help to clear the mind of noise and settle our emotions. This helps us be more productive and effective and enables us to navigate through our challenges both professionally and personally.

Impact: Balanced awareness and approach to inner and outer well-being.

Benefit: One is empowered and equipped with tools to the calm mind and emotions at will.

Handle Change and Uncertainty

Practical techniques to make sound decisions in crisis situations without reacting, while remaining equanimous.

Impact: Enhances self-awareness and intuition, which improves decision making process.

Benefit: Ability to manage change / uncertainty more effectively

Communicate with Clarity and Conviction

Practical exercises to solidify our message and improve communication and expression.

Impact: Brings awareness and clarity to thought process and the way we express ourselves. Techniques in the session enable us to fine tune the content, format and effectiveness of the message for our clients.

Benefit: As a result of clarity in thoughts and message, one feels confidence in delivering the message and is able to be spontaneous in communicating ideas and presentations.

Tune-IN to your Intuition Quotient

You will learn the secrets on tapping into the Intuition Quotient with a 4 step model to access inner wisdom and to respond effectively in situations.

Impact: Improves perception and enables one to see situations from a broader view.

Benefit: Clients can access areas of the mind that have not been explored and move out of the space of limited understanding. Clients are able to do a quick self-referral and respond promptly.

Pause to prosper

Learn how to declutter thoughts and access higher states of consciousness to make better and quick decisions.

Impact: Techniques help widen the gap between thoughts.

Benefit: Filtered thoughts. A poised mind is able to observe and process information quickly and respond rather than react.

Team Building

Session is experiential and enhances awareness, energy, communication and trust amongst team members. Participants are able to let go pre-conceived notions and be more open to viewing situations and opinions from a broader perspective.

Impact: Brings awareness to the importance of group dynamics and team cooperation.

Benefit: Strengthens bonds among team members and helps us to see the human behind the roles.

Self Love- A date with yourself

Session explores different areas to enhance self-love and self-care.

Impact: Techniques to enhance energy, self-awareness, inner confidence and presence.

Benefit: One is able to see their potential more clearly and work with their strengths and talents.

Happy Girls are the Prettiest

This session is experiential, has practical techniques to enhance awareness, confidence and self-love.

Impact: Practising techniques on the session create clarity, insight into self beliefs and thought processes. This improves self image, self worth and confidence .

Benefit: Improved attitude, enhanced communication and a magnetic presence.

Movement Therapy

The techniques taught in the program bring about deep relaxation in the mind, body, and emotions. Ones becomes more natural, expressive and receptive to incorporating new attitudes, behaviors and thought process.

Impact: One feels inner peace, joy and renewed enthusiasm which helps to drop the limiting beliefs and behaviors. One is also able to be more present, creative and spontaneous.

Benefit: This state creates more awareness and allows one to connect to themselves effortlessly. Visible results are clear state of mind, enthusiasm, increased energy levels, and enables one to see from a fresh perspective.

*Each module is created and customised to suit clients requirements.

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