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  • Holistic Health
  • Manual & Excercise Therapy
  • Energy Healing

What Our Clients Say About Us

Thank you, Leena, for such a wonderful session. It was so calming and relaxing that I felt all my worries and anxieties being flushed out of my body and mind.

Online Corporate Meditation Session Feedback 2020Online Corporate Meditation Session Feedback 2020

“Thank you, Leena, for such a wonderful session. It had a great detox effect on me. I could let go of all my worries, anxieties, and my earthly troubles and could rejoice in my inner peace and happiness, thanks to your guided meditation."

Online Corporate Meditation Session Feedback 2020Online Corporate Meditation Session Feedback 2020

"Leena's session was superb. It was very light and it transcended me to another world thought it was not a very long session, it was very informative. We really enjoyed ourselves."

Shweta ChopraChairwoman Ficci Flo Jaipur 2019-2020

"It was a very informative session and Leena was very well versed with the topic of Happiness and Emotional Wellness. She gave us very simple yet effective tools and techniques to experience this state of happiness and to live in the present moment."

Ishani EO Gujarat Feedback

“Leena is an extraordinary Life Coach with great communication skills. She is an innovative, natural, and vibrant personality. She is thoughtful in customizing her sessions and naturally empathetic towards the participants. I would highly recommend her programs to all corporates.”

Ateet Sanghavi
Ateet Sanghavi (Founder Director & Partner, Purple Group India)

I really don't have enough words to talk about the Emotional Wellness session that Ms. Gupta conducted. The session was amazing and very positive. I actually understood the meaning of happiness from her and found the tools she shared very useful. Now When I have negative thoughts, her words of wisdom echo in my mind. I am reminded to come back to the present where I start to feel happy again.
Thank you so much, Leena.

Dr. Sonali
Dr. SonaliAssociate Manager of Operations IQVIA Corporate

“Leena is a mature, adept, vivacious, and meticulous trainer. I have witnessed her brilliant presentation skills and dynamic personality in her training sessions. She has the ability to naturally adapt to her environment and inspire people. She is eloquent in her speech and empathetic towards her audience.”

Rakesh Shah
Rakesh ShahSenior VP & Global Head of Programs, Projects, and IT Professional Services

"Everyone enjoyed the Movement Therapy session and it was an amazing experience! It took us into another world. All the 150 members who participated felt elated, energized and experienced inner freedom. Leena Gupta was just fabulous."

Runa Karnawat
Runa KarnawatPresident Jito Jaipur 2019 -2020

“The A collaborated with Leena Gupta for a Movement Therapy workshop in November 2017 & Revolutionizing Wellbeing 2020. Leena’s program is unique, her sessions are a blend of dance therapy, breathing techniques, and meditation. Participants walked out of the session with a positive outlook, clarity in thought, and an immense feeling of joy. Leena Gupta’s Mindfulness Through Movement Therapy program is a natural fit for our audience. I highly recommend Leena Gupta for her unique program. “

Sneha Karkera
Sneha KarkeraDirector of Marketing, The A, Apex Clubs India Pvt. Ltd
Happy Clients

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