Spiritual and Wellness Coaching

Through spiritual coaching, I help clients understand the tendencies of the human mind and emotions, see a broader perspective of life, and incorporate universal truths that serve as a life jacket to help them stay afloat during emotional storms. I help them redefine and reframe concepts of fear, pain, loss, and past traumatic experiences, etc., to take responsibility for their management stress, get creative in problem-solving, and create work-life harmony.

Through a set of signature techniques that I have crafted and refined over the last 22+ years, which is rooted in my 3P approach, I help the client move their intention into action, turn doubts into convictions, and come out of self-sabotaging habits to soar to new heights and explore new possibilities.


Clients seek spiritual and wellness guidance for:

  • Intuitive Leadership

  • Managing the Mind

  • Embracing Change and Uncertainty

  • Emotional Wellness

  • Self-Love