Wellness retreats

Introducing segments of Conscious Living through interactive talks on Health & Wellness techniques of Movement Therapy and Meditation.
Impact: Creates awareness of ways to enhance happiness, building energy, and loving oneself.
Benefit: Better Living with higher energy levels, greater confidence and calm mind.

Youth session

Theme based activities with creative movements set to fun music help students to release stress, focus, feel energised and more confident about themselves.
Impact: Participants are able to open up and express themselves in alternate ways improving their scope of creativity and personal development.

Wedding Program

Aims to create a fun filled atmosphere of bonding and celebration through creative movements and dancing set to favourite tunes.
Impact: Ice Breaker and high energy session that brings people together.
Benefit: increased happiness quotient, deep relaxation and helps people connect to each other effortlessly.

Family functions

Reunions and get togethers can now be more fun, creative, and engaging through interactive talks and movement therapy.
Impact : Creates synergy and bonding.
Benefit: Releases stress, higher energy levels, breaks barriers and increases happiness quotient.

To book sessions/events and for more information kindly email: leenagupta501@gmail.com

*Cancellation policy – Session once booked can only be adjusted or a date change. There will be no refund.