Intuitive Leadership

This program hones our ability to connect to our gut, inner voice, and higher intelligence. This can only happen when we can consciously shut the noise in the mind, settle our scattered emotions, widen the gap between our thoughts, and learn to listen to our intuition. The program includes creating a radical mission statement, reframing fear, understanding the universal truth on change and uncertainty, tips on maintaining good gut health which impacts our minds, pranayama, yoga, different breathing techniques and meditation. With practice, the clients can make quick self-referrals, check into the gut quotient, and make appropriate responses versus reactions.

Mind Power Matters

By understanding the tendencies of the mind and the impact meditation has on our brain, we can learn to manage our mind, accelerate learning, navigate better through crises, move through resistance, and have appropriate responses rather than reactions.

Conscious Living in Changing Times

Genius is not in genetics but in the daily habits and routines we cultivate. The Signature Ultra Routine and Radical Mission Statements are crafted to keep us, on course, unshakeable, aligned with our higher purpose, and committed to excellence both personally and professionally.

Changing the Mind Game

We explore the mental map and blueprint that keeps us stagnant, fearful, and small. Using signature techniques, we learn to disrupt our limiting mindset, pause to re-assess, reframe, and redefine the concepts of success, failures, fear, pain, and success that keep us trapped and tethered from ourselves.

How to Handle Change and Uncertainty

We learn to let go of the concept of an ideal life at all times, comfort zones in which we hide our potential, conditioning to accept a life of mediocrity versus change, exploring higher potential, and a fear of judgment by others. Through coaching, tools, and meditative processes, clients can remain centred in changing situations, and improve their agility, resilience, and risk-taking capability. With a growth mindset and the ability to reframe their reality, they can turn perceived obstacles into opportunities.

The Ultra Routine – Accessing the 4 Bliss Chemicals

The six-step ultra-routine sets the tone for the day and armours us with a positive mindset, confidence, self-esteem, purpose, and integrity. This regime releases multiple bliss chemicals in our body creating enhanced awareness, high energy levels, elevated mood, risk-taking attitude, enhanced intuition, and a fearless mind-set.

Work life Harmony

This session takes a deep look at where Balance lies both professionally and personally. We explore components required to have healthy and harmonious life.

Impact: Opens the mind to explore aspects of life which help us to be more present and look into quality over quantity.

Benefit: Crystallized thought process and clear understanding of our priorities allows us to live a more effective, purposeful and happy life.

Emotional Wellness and Mental Resilience

Most of our decisions are emotionally driven and cause us strife and regret. In this program, we learn to self-regulate our emotions, understand when to operate from the heart and when to lead from the head. We also learn how to stay on course when there are emotional storms and mental wars both within us and from the external world.


The proportion to which we think we can achieve, excel, risk, and succeed in anything in our lives directly is related to our self-worth. In this program we learn to drown out the noise of others externally who we have placed as authorities to run our lives, and listen to the inner child beckoning to be heard and seen by us. We learn to explore who we are, what gifts we have come with and what legacy we would like to leave for the world that is waiting for our contributions.

*Each module is created and customised to suit clients requirements.

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