The Importance of Nature Walk

In the midst of a busy and bustling world, we often find ourselves in search of stillness. It is tough to find a way to go within when we are constantly in an outward facing mode. So many flock to nearby gardens, parks or the seafront to find calmness and rejuvenation.

When I am in the park there is a shift in my mind, and I know it is “me time”. My busy brain begins to slow down and gets ready to soak in the calmness and tranquility of nature. I walk on the muddy earth and look up at the tall intertwining trees above me and feel like they are protecting me. Within a few minutes, I feel a sense of ease and this helps me let go of the stress I carry.

When I look from the eyes of my heart I can observe much more than when the mind is noisy and filled with thoughts. I see leaves on the trees dancing as the breeze flows through them. Something starts to change inside me. I feel a connection to nature and like one with the garden and become increasingly aware of its many charming delights. This creates a celebration in my heart. Nature is bustling and energetic with its little squirrels, butterflies, birds, and creatures dotting around. The positive vibrations I experience in the park and in nature amaze me.

There are kids laughing and playing with each other on swings and slides. Parents are bonding with their young ones and become childlike again. Lovers rest in each other’s arms and find solace in the escape from the world. It feels like a little heaven on earth.

I am able to let go of my world filled with plans, anxious thoughts, and worries. I consciously take long breaths as I walk on my path and revel in the beauty around me. As I breathe more deeply I am able to merge with the golden hues of the sunset and enjoy the orange kissed ripples I see reflecting on the sea.

The simplicity of nature is amazing and puts me in wonder. I question myself on the issues of my life and remind myself of the great truth that I, too will go back to the earth that I emerged from. Once I see things from this perspective I am able to let go of small things that bother me. I just affirm to myself to put my best effort to do what I can with what I have and to let go of what I have no control over. I tell myself that nature is run by divinity and it is so perfect and vibrant. I sync with this trust that there is a higher force watching over me. My emotions get settled with this feeling of being protected and loved unconditionally. Nature is the best reminder of this. It is always giving. The breeze soothes my senses and the birds chirping, create a lulling feeling. This is when I say, “thank you” for all the blessings in my life and for all the wonderful people around me.

Whilst in the park I hear my heartbeat and hear my inner voice. I find myself happy and in the depth of the present moment. It is my world of wonder and beauty. It is a place that brings “me” back to me. It’s a little bit of heaven for me.